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What do clients say

Very emphatic and non judgemental

Very emphatic and non judgemental

It was great to articulate different thought processes. It definitely helps to make things clearer and to think of new ideas / solutions for problems and to develop new ways of thinking.
It helped to gain better perspective on work / life balance – particularly with finding more fulfilling projects outside of work hours which in turn will increase general motivation.
Andrea you are very empathetic and not at all judgmental.
I am definitely going to find more ‘life fulfilling’ projects outside of work. It was not something I had really considered before, but I think it will increase my overall happiness and motivation a lot.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but overall, it was a very beneficial experience.
Overall satisfaction – 9 - R.K.

An excellent listener

An excellent listener

Having a coach great improved my work/life balance which was one of my main aims in undertaking the sessions. It helped to set achievable & maintainable goals. It allowed me to look at the bigger picture about priorities in my life at this point in time and how best to manage them. An excellent listener, allowed me to look at the situations from other view points, ensured goals set were realistic and achievable, new skills provided such as introducing ways to assess oneself and balance life which I will be able to draw on in future for both work and personal. Thanks very much for providing me with important life skills to make me more self-aware and also skills to handle difficult work situations (communication skills) I am already using them every day and hope to be able to pass on these skills to other on my team in the future. Overall satisfaction. 9 - R.W.

Great benefit in making important decisions

Great benefit in making important decisions

To have someone supportive and encouraging to discuss and bounce ideas off is invaluable,
especially at a time when you are going through major changes. I am so happy that I decided
to work with Andrea as a life coach, it has been of great benefit in making important decisions
that I know will change the course of my life. Andrea’s equanimity and calm approach to our sessions was great for me. I also appreciate
that I am left-brain thinker and can be a bit all over the place and I very much appreciate your
willingness to embrace the style of coaching that worked for me. We worked through the list
of issues that I had identified very organically - it never felt like there was a checklist to work
through, but somehow you always kept me on track. I want to express my thanks for your patience and calm and professional approach to
giving feedback and encouragement. I am delighted I got the opportunity to work with you
and wish you every success in your coaching career. Siobhan Cooney

Warmth and honesty

Warmth and honesty

It enabled me to start my own personal projects and set realistic and achievable goals.

It also enabled me to realise what baggage I was carrying with expectations of myself and let it go as I realised I didn’t have to achieve everything all the time. I was able to space out my goals over a period of time and not have to achieve them yesterday.

​Your listening skills which enabled you to tease out ideas with the information that I provided and use your experience to ask questions for me to obtain the answers through my own cognitive process.

Your positivity and guidance with suggestions and observations without telling me what to do but letting come to my own conclusions organically. Your warmth and honesty enabled me to build trust and feel like I was in a safe and non-judgmental space in which to share.

​I went in with an open mind trying not to have expectations. The sessions enabled me to voice out loud ideas that had been in my head for a long time and to write them down and take action.

Some were achieved and some were not. I realized that my desire to achieve some of them was there, whereas I was also able to realise that some of the goals I set I didn’t really have the desire I thought I had to achieve them.

This was a great learning experience about the expectations I had of myself to achieve all the goals whereas letting go some of them was acceptable too and these may be achieved further down the line if I so desire.


An unexpected benefit

An unexpected benefit

Before speaking with Andrea, my goals focused only on achieving career goals.

However, Andrea helped me to expand my thinking to set goals based on the wheel of life.

​Andrea helped me to build my personal awareness by asking the right questions and helping me to reflect on what is important to me.

Andrea helped me to think about other goals that are also important, these became the focus of our conversations, this was an unexpected benefit.

​The sessions were really helpful, thank you Andrea.

​Overall Satisfaction:  8


A calming influence

A calming influence

Andrea was a great coach to have, he allowed me the space to explore my own thoughts and ideas while always being able to guide the conversation into positive areas. This all adds up to being able to explore ideas while giving you the confidence to see these ideas through.

It was a great way for me to have a different perspective, and how I might best approach the upcoming months.

A calming influence, with carefully suggested paths to take in the conversation.

​Overall Satisfaction: 10


I achieved the clarity I needed

I achieved the clarity I needed

You offered me a sounding board to see things more clearly and gave me someone objective to speak to

Your presence – very calming, confident, which sort of slowed down the sessions and made me feel like I wasn’t under any pressure

You definitely have a sort of wise air about you, you come across as quite trustworthy because of that and non-judgmental, which helped to create a safe space.

I achieved the clarity I needed to take the next steps in building some new, better habits

You’re are a brilliant coach and I was really happy with our sessions

Overall Satisfaction: 10


A wise man

A wise man

The session created a clearer thought process that allowed me to achieve my goal: complete a proposal and win the business.

​Andrea is a wise man who coaxes you to come to the right conclusions

​Overall satisfaction: 9


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