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Great benefit in making important decisions

To have someone supportive and encouraging to discuss and bounce ideas off is invaluable,
especially at a time when you are going through major changes. I am so happy that I decided
to work with Andrea as a life coach, it has been of great benefit in making important decisions
that I know will change the course of my life. Andrea’s equanimity and calm approach to our sessions was great for me. I also appreciate
that I am left-brain thinker and can be a bit all over the place and I very much appreciate your
willingness to embrace the style of coaching that worked for me. We worked through the list
of issues that I had identified very organically - it never felt like there was a checklist to work
through, but somehow you always kept me on track. I want to express my thanks for your patience and calm and professional approach to
giving feedback and encouragement. I am delighted I got the opportunity to work with you
and wish you every success in your coaching career. Siobhan Cooney

Great benefit in making important decisions
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