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Warmth and honesty

It enabled me to start my own personal projects and set realistic and achievable goals.

It also enabled me to realise what baggage I was carrying with expectations of myself and let it go as I realised I didn’t have to achieve everything all the time. I was able to space out my goals over a period of time and not have to achieve them yesterday.

​Your listening skills which enabled you to tease out ideas with the information that I provided and use your experience to ask questions for me to obtain the answers through my own cognitive process.

Your positivity and guidance with suggestions and observations without telling me what to do but letting come to my own conclusions organically. Your warmth and honesty enabled me to build trust and feel like I was in a safe and non-judgmental space in which to share.

​I went in with an open mind trying not to have expectations. The sessions enabled me to voice out loud ideas that had been in my head for a long time and to write them down and take action.

Some were achieved and some were not. I realized that my desire to achieve some of them was there, whereas I was also able to realise that some of the goals I set I didn’t really have the desire I thought I had to achieve them.

This was a great learning experience about the expectations I had of myself to achieve all the goals whereas letting go some of them was acceptable too and these may be achieved further down the line if I so desire.


Warmth and honesty
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