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Where have you been?

Nowhere really.

In fact the holiday that we had planned - first in two years - for early January got the COVID treatment and we had to postpone it..

But sure, first world problems, I guess.

I am back sharing some thoughts on my website and share them on a couple of social media platforms...


I don't really know, but it seems to be the thing to do nowadays.

I have been busy with various businesses, new ideas, new developments and plenty more - social media didn't really feature in my list of priorities.

Did I miss it?

Not at all.

But anyhow, who cares about an old man giving his thoughts about something that was not developed for his age group anyhow.

Or is it?

I am old enough to remember when LinkedIn was a platform for professionals to meet, discuss, poach each other out of high flying jobs, a curriculum vitae that... but again who cares about my views.

Enough said.

I am back on my little blog.

Exciting times ahead.

Some new contracts in the Group/Team coaching side of the business.

Some new interesting one-to-one coaching clients coming on board.

The teaching/facilitating with the college is very exciting and interesting.

And finally I'll be able to get back live in the theatre with the Social Fabric Podcast..

More on this very soon.

So, I guess, sharing is caring !!

Or is it?

I wanna get to you, where did you go Is there another world that's part of you ? (Is there another world?) When will you reappear? Little River Band

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