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This week my podcast episode is with a wonderful human being whom I had the pleasure of meeting during an Integrative Therapy degree course I am currently undertaking.

Stephen Donnelly, not the Irish Health minister, although he too was on my podcast last year, spoke to me very candidly about his story and we moved seemlessly through growing up in Dundalk as a gay boy, battling with "coming out" and his relationship with alcohol.

You can listen to the episode to hear his story but what I reflecting on is once again the power of conversations, the power of listening without judgement and listening to understand, all of which requires constant work and appreciation of the person that sits in front of you and trusts you to treat the story with the respect that it deserves.

In a professional setting (in the coaching or therapy room), that is protected by confidentiality.

With a microphone and a platform, the story becomes public.

And yet, over and over again, I find myself blessed with people who come on the podcast to share their beautiful stories, trusting me to do them justice.

I hope I am.

Thanks again Stephen and all of my guests so far.

Trust in me in all you do

Have the faith I have in you

Love will see us through if only you trust in me

Why don't you, you trust me?

Etta James

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