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O brother where art thou?

It has been a while since I put fingertips to keyboard and wrote something in this blog post.

Mea Culpa.

I have been busy with a number of projects that are both interesting and rewarding, but I have given me less time to sit in from of the laptop to type up some thoughts.

There is also the possibility, and indeed the probability, that you - if you have joined the site - may not really care about what I have been up to.

And I guess that I what we are all doing at the moment, we share our thoughts, our images, our videos, we share joyful moments and sad ones, we display pictures of ourselves that pre-smartphone era would have been unthinkable to share with anyone but your very best friend.....

I was doing some sketching at the weekend while watching a football match - this is not multitasking by the way, as watching a match between Brentford and Liverpool for me requires minimal attention....

Where was I !!!!

Ah yes, I was doing some sketching and I decided to use my phone to take a video - hyperlapse/timelapse mode - and see what would come out of it.

As I was sketching a cow - as you may know by now I am quite fond of those creatures- the cow started to look more like a lamb, that got me thinking about Easter, that got me thinking of the confusion - every year - of having to ask "When is Easter this year?", that got me thinking at having to try to get some flights organised for my son sooner rather than later in case we get caught with the spike in prices, that got me thinking about the cost of living, that got me thinking at.......

It was about a 10 minutes sketching exercise that the timelapse thingy reduced to 20 seconds that I decided to share on social media...

Who cares really?

But maybe someone does.

So, in the meantime, back to the projects that have been keeping me busy...

Some great team coaching work with a couple of organisations.

Some enjoyable 1:1 coaching with some amazing clients.

A mentoring journey with a wonderful young person.

Next week 29th February - Social Fabric Podcast Live with Brian Pennie, we we'll delve into the Power of connections and the neuroscience of addiction.

A couple of tickets left, follow this

And my first show in the wonderful Laughter Lounge in Dublin City Centre with the Happy Pear twins, talking about 20 years in business and what is like to start a social enterprise.

Link to tickets here.

If you'd like to have a discovery session with me as a coach... follow this link..

O sinners, let's go down

Let's go down, come on down

O sinners, let's go down

Down in the river to pray

Down to the river to pray

Songwriters: Traditional

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