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When is too much too much?

Love of Learning


Mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge, whether on one's own or formally; related to the strength of curiosity but goes beyond it to describe the tendency to add systematically to what one knows.

This is my signature strength - my number 1 - as a result of the VIA character strength profile that I did a couple of years ago.

I will do it again soon to see what might have changed and what might have stayed the same.

But I know for sure that love of learning is still very much on top of the pile. I am writing this piece, I have just received a message from a friend that the course we have been looking at for the last while - a degree course in Counselling and Psychology - is going to start again in September and we may be able to get in !!!

I am just completing a course in Sport Psychology at the moment along with my constant personal and professional development linked to my coaching practice and teaching work, and I hope that that is a benefit to my clients and the students that I work with

... and then there are books...

This picture is of one of my favourite bookshops in the world - so far.

It is called Leakey's and it's in Inverness, Scotland.

I was there yesterday and I had to drag myself out of it after only a few minutes.

I had a train (back to Glasgow) and a plane (back to Dublin) to catch and I didn't have any room in my luggage and very little room left on my bookshelves at home or in my office.

This morning I packed about 20 books from the bookshelves and brought them down to the local charity shop.

I left with 3 in the same bag...

When is too much too much?

I am learning to reel back, learning to say no to places like Leakey's or Hodges Figgis or any of the amazing bookshops that I visit wherever I am.

But I do find it hard to resist.

What I don't learn about this?

What do I know about that?

The definition given by the VIA Character Strength questionnaire is that is related to the strength of Curiosity...

So the question is: Did curiosity killed the cat?

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