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The best that I can

Is that time of the year when we reflect on things that have passed and things that we intend to do in the coming 12 months.

The resolutions, the intentions, the promises and the many lists that we write down, hoping to look back in a few months time and see a nice tick beside it.


I am no different. I probably deserve a PhD at this stage in "To Do Lists".

I write them down everywhere.

On the many journals that I carry with me at all time.

A to do list to do a list of things to do...

But I have got much better over the years.

I write them down.

I need to see the items on paper, black and white, a commitment to the page and to myself.

I am careful of what I write down this days, because I know it will be in gnawing at me as soon as I have transferred from my brain, to my hand, to the pen and onto the paper.

That simple ink stroke, like a tattoo for my consciousness.

But you wrote it down... It must be important to you... Or is it?

And 2020 was no different.

Things that I had written down came to fruition, milestones were reached, new frontiers were opened, new academic qualifications were achieved, my professional horizon just got brighter.

And so, going into 2021 - Moleskine Diary at the ready - the pen has already scratched a few pages with lists and reflections.

I am making myself accountable once again.

I am going to do the best that I can.

"Once when faced with darkness

There was a place we always ran

I’m not sure if I can find it again

But I’m doing the best that I can

The best that I can."

DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN - The FIeld/Daire Lawlor

Note: Daire Lawlor kindly allowed me to use his song DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN for my Lean On Me documentary. It's a brilliant song.

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