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Spiralling Emotions

I thought hard before writing this post.

What is the point?

Why should I share my private thoughts on my website and social channels?

Then I thought about the importance of any events in my life that inform what I do and how I do it, how I talk to my clients, my customers, my friends.

Unexpectedly, one of my best friends left us a couple of days ago. Too early.

He was a lot more than a friend.

He was a brother, a confidant, a soundboard, a piece of me.

We've known each other for over 40 years.

There was a group of us. Very closely knitted, intertwined and dependent on one another.

I left for a different country 30 years ago, but that strong thread that holds us together never snapped, never showed any signs of weakness.

And so I would land in Rome and I would call "Il Presidente", normally my first call:

"I am here for a couple of days, what's happening?"

Invariably he would get the group together within a matter of hours and we would meet for food, drinks, chat... a lot of deep meaningful conversations dotted with plenty of laughter, reminiscing the many, many adventures that we all experienced together.

One of those friendships that don't require a constant contact, phone calls, messages, letters... one of those that you just know they ARE.

So the past couple of days the rest of us have been staring at the spiralling abyss of incomprehension, loss, fear, grief.

We are talking to one another to try and understand ourselves and our feelings.

We are going to heal together.

It will take a long time.

We will need each other.

Rest In Peace, my beautiful friend.

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