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Passion: it can turn into anything

I love radio.

I love listening to talk shows, documentaries or music programs.

The way my brain can create pictures and landscapes while listening, just listening, not visual distractions.

And when it comes to music... of course we have so many ways to consume it that why do we need DJs anymore?

But when you have people like John Kelly and his Mystery Train or Fiachna O Braonain and his Late Date (respectively on Lyrics FM and RTE) that share their knowledge and passion with listeners or John Mackey that for the past 20 + years has been broadcasting on NearFM every Sunday morning, with his Magic Moments show (never missed one Sunday!!)

So when the opportunity arose over the lockdown to help out with the scheduling of NearFM programmes, I put together a music show called IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD

It's becoming a show case for new and emerging Irish artists - we seems to have an endless pool of wonderful musicians - and from his 9.30 pm slot has been moved to a Friday 3.30 pm, which is a great exposure to have.

The feedback has been brilliant and it is great to be of service to artists (I received a mail from a young singer-songwriter's mother to say that the whole family sat around the radio to listen to her debut single being played !!! - Isn't that wonderful?)

You'll never know where your passion may take you.

Follow it.

Have a great weekend.

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