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Lean on me - A documentary

A documentary in 3 parts about friendships, community, resilience, relationship, fundraising, achievements and a lot more.

We marked September 2020 with a 240km run across Ireland for mental health awareness.

We called it MIndfulwest Run and we decided the raise funds for A Lust for Life and Crumlin Children's Hospital.

From the genesis of the idea to what unfolded over the months prior to it and during the run, is an amazing story of people - 20 to be precise - that came together with a common goal.

What we discovered along the journey was a lot more that any of us had expected.

It's a story of friendships, community, relationships, resilience, achievements, tears and laughter.

It's a human story and one that I was keen to record in the hope that it may become a blueprint for us and others in the future.

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Thanks for listening.

Andrea Splendori


The runners were:

Alan O'Connor

Colin Fulham

Ken Kennedy

Karen Kelly

Sile Nolan

Chris Willoughy

Chris O'Mahony

Toni Llovera

Fabio Garganego

Karl Llewellyn

Ross Thompson

Kevin Marshall

Keith McCabe

Patrik Albertsson

Mark Donnelly

Liam Sweeney

Barry Dempsey

George Coffey

Eoin O'Mahony

Andrea Splendori

The music in this documentary has been kindly provided by:

The Field (Daire Lawlor, Sean Nolan, Tom Pigot, Paul Kennedy, Tom Cleary)

Fiachna O Braonain

Nvada (Rober Callan)


(available on all podcast platforms)

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