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Episode 37 – Tony Duffin – CEO AnaLiffey

Tony Duffin took on a volunteering job in a shelter in London at the age of 21 while out of work not knowing that it was going to shape his working life for years to come.

Tony has been working with people that use drugs for the past 25 years and is now the CEO of the ANA LIFFEY Drug Project, that has been pioneering harm reduction in Dublin, Ireland for a number of years.

Tony likes to “work with people that many would find difficult to work with” and he is passionate about campaigning for policy changes to improve the life of those affected by drugs.

You can find out more about Tony and Ana Liffey at:


Tony’s music Choice

Autonomy – The Buzzcocks

When you’re young – The Jam

New England – Kirst MacColl

Love Song – The Cure

Beautiful Day – The Levellers

Letterbomb – Green Day

Animal Style – Biffy Clyro


All music is available on Spotify in the Social FabricPlaylist


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