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Episode 11 – Steven Duggan – Author/Writer

Steven Duggan

Steven Duggan has been writing since the age of 12 and has completed 8 books to date.

His latest effort is a beautifully written novel “The Elder Terror” that deals with one of society’s biggest issue: the treatment of elderly people.

Steve’s day job is Director of Worldwide Education Strategy at Microsoft.

He is a father of six children and has recently relocated back to Ireland after a five year stint in the USA.

Two and half years ago, Steven was diagnosed with bi-polar and has spoken openly about his battle with this also bringing it to the world stage on a TED X .

You can get Steven’s book on Amazon and you can see Steven’s TED X talk: Illiteracy as a fatal illness, on YouTube


Steven’s choice of Music

Rock ‘n Roll Suicide – David Bowie

Wake up – Arcade Fire 

Tomorrow Morning – The Blue Nile

And Dream of Sheep – Kate Bush

Fever – The Black Keys

Across the Border – Bruce Springsteen

We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

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