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When your mind's made up

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of hosting one of my Social Fabric Podcast Live at the Whale Theatre in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

We called the evening, "Against All Odds", and my guests were two incredible individuals that had to overcome major life changing injuries and have achieved remarkable successes.

I'll go back to the success in another post.

The two guests were, Richael Timothy, Cyclist/Paralympian, that has competed in the Tokyo Olympics and is working her way to qualification for the Paris Olympics.

She suffered a brain damage few years ago.

At the time she was playing soccer for Ireland and senior GAA for Co. Roscommon.

Paddy Slattery suffered a broken neck following a car accident - he had just hitched a lift home from work.

He is now on a wheelchair and has been since that fateful day when he was 17 years old.

Paddy is an award winning filmmaker.

His latest movie is on Netflix (Broken Law).

He wrote it and directed it...

You can hear all of the stories on the podcast (will be released in audio format beginning of May 2023) but what you will also hear is the passion, the emotions, the amazing insights that Paddy and Richael shared.

I hadn't met either of them until about an hour before the show.

I had just read one article on each on the web.

This is not the first show that I do where my guests are total strangers to me.

In fact, at least 80% of my guests on the show (both Podcast and Live) are strangers to me.

And so are my coaching clients. I don't know them. We meet for discovery calls. If there is chemistry we start working together.

After the show, I received some incredible feedback from the guests and the audience.

One said to me, "At one point, when Paddy was talking, I was looking around the theatre and there was tension.

But I looked at you and you were so relaxed, it was almost as if you weren't there... You gave him so much space and then, just then, you asked him another question that removed the tension from the room,.... ".


This post sound very self-serving and self-promoting.

And it is.

I realised that I don't say much about myself and I like it that way.

But, really, what it is all about, is about not making up our minds before we talk to one another.

There are 100 million reasons for any of us to react, respond, behave in a certain way and unless we ask a question, from the heart, with no agenda, unless we genuinely believe in the person in front of us, unless we truly listen... there isn't much point.

I love doing what I am doing.

I love listening to my podcast guests and to my clients.

I love listening to them, because they are showing me the world through their own eyes.

I love it when people say that they have truly enjoyed being on the show or that they felt safe and comfortable talking to me.

I am going to continue bringing shows to the theatre that are meaningful and that allow us all to "listen in" to other people stories.

I am going to continue to work with my clients in the genuine belief that they are the expert of their own destiny and the best people to decide the direction to take.

If you haven't listen to any of the Social Fabric Podcasts, pick one and give it a go, you may like it.

If you haven't been to any of my live shows, keep an eye out, there will be more soon.

And if you think that you or your company could be interested in some coaching or training, book a free discovery session, who knows, we may like each other.

"When your mind's made up

When your mind's made up

There's no point even talking"

Glen Hansard

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