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Time Flies When You Are.....

I have been using the medium of podcasts for three years now and I love it.

I love the the time that it affords me with complete strangers that are kind enough to share their time and stories with me.

Some of them have become friends.

I have kept in touch with most of them and it is great to check in with some of them at different times, to say hi.

Some have gone to write their first book since I spoke to them.

Some have started their own podcast,

Some have gone to do their first TV programme.

Many of them have kept doing the wonderful work that they were doing when I spoke to them.

A couple of them, Fr Tony Coote and Orla Orla Ni hAonigh, have since died and they were so generous and courageous to speak to be not too long before they left us.

There have been close to 80,000 downloads and 3 years of weekly radio plays.

The shows go on two different radio stations in Ireland - NearFM and FlirtFM.

My voice is on the radio and podcasts airwaves about 350 hours a week...

I know it is making some small difference, I know from the listeners messages that I occasionally receive and from conversations with people that have found the stories interesting, inspiring or simply entertaining.

I am going to keep doing it for as long as the listeners feel it is relevant.

I am about to release my first DocuCast (a documentary podcast, is that what they are called ?) about our Mindfulwest Run to give people a sense of what it was all about and how the money donated was used.

I have plans for more documentaries and plenty more guests for both Social Fabric and The Emotional Coach Podcasts.

If you want to be my guest, I would love to talk to you.

"the power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions."

Hallie Flanagan

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