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The kindness of strangers

There is so much that the human brain can really perceive that is well beyond the artificial intelligence that is out there.

Things like the tone of our voice.

Our eyes, our smiling eyes.

The surprises, the touch.

All of those wonderful things that make us human.

And today I had a lovely email from an independent musician that sent me some of his songs from his upcoming EP.

I do a show called In the neighbourhood on NearFm radio, every two weeks and and I've been trying to promote Irish artists as much as I can.

It has been great because I've got to know a few of them and I got to interview a few of them for the Social Fabric Podcast and generally they are just nice people trying to make music at this really difficult time...

And he followed up with an email to say "Please just use the music if your service is free".

Which made me think why would it not be free?

So I replied to him saying it's absolutely 100% Free.

"Free For All. And thanks again for sending me your music."

But what followed, it was really nice.

He sent me an email to say, "look, I kinda knew just from hearing your voice on the radio. I kind of knew that you're a nice person."

I thanked him for it and I thought what a wonderful thing to hear that.

He judged my being from the tone of my voice.

The artist is a guy called E L L E and his music is independently produced.

I will give it a spin on my next week's show.

But this little rant, is simply to say kindness really does go a long way.

And it doesn't cost anything.

Actually is is free. Free for All.

And more importantly, available to each one of us.

We have an abundance of it.

We simply have to find it.

Use it and use it again and again.

You can't take it with you.

Use as much as you can.

And I am correct.

The more you use it, the more you're going to have...

So you'll never run out of it.

Be kind, be good, stay well.

"People come, and people go, and some will make their mark Like an iron to the bull, a symbol in your heart And the ones that stick around are the hardest to find, And if you can't find the closeness, you need the kindness to survive Getting by on the kindness of strangers"

Songwriters: Courtney Marie Andrews / Jason Converse Blynn / Peter William Harper

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