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The journey so far….

A few months ago I had an idea about this little project called Social Fabric.

I didn’t really know how it was going to form itself but I knew what the goal was…

I wanted to share ideas from people from all walks of life, I wanted to know what their passion was and how they interacted with the community.

I wanted to be inspired by people that could be my neighbours or somebody I met on a bus or while buy a loaf of bread.

People that make up the fabric of our society.

People that matter.

And we all matter in one way or another.

On top of all that I had this ambitious thought that I all this could inspire some of the younger generation, the teenagers, the ones that seem to be a bit lost in the Social Media ocean…

Now, just a few short months in, via the medium of podcasting and radio programming, that message is starting to get out.

I have been privileged to talk to Musicians Writers, Runners, Business Women and Community Radio presenters,  Yoga teachers, First Responders and Charity CEOs, Scouts leaders … and the list is growing weekly. Thank you all for your time.

In the coming months i’ll be talking to well known Radio presenters, Top Irish Musicians and Irish Directors, Wine Experts and Award Winning photographers, Chefs and so on..

All of those links that make the fabric of our society interesting and worth being part of ..

And, as I had hoped, like minded people have started to get in touch and some interesting projects are going to start to take shape and some young adults are stating to get involved in different ways…

It is still a very ambitious project, but by continuing to share the amazing stories that every single one of us has and should share, by rekindling the medium of conversation, hopefully the flame will be lit and this project will catch fire..

Thanks for all you that listen to the podcast, please continue sharing it, subscribe to it and hopefully the Fabric of our Society will rebuild itself..

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