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5 tips for a happier life

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Pretty much every day, whether on social platforms or other media, my eyes are drawn to the "Greatest Hits" of the "how to", "best hacks", "top tips"...

You know what I am talking about.

Our constant search for the answers, for the answer.

And in this brave new world that we are creating, we have also created a new Homo Sapiens, a 2.0 version...

One that doesn't need to know too much, to be able to dish out advices.

Or perhaps he/she does knows and perhaps by sharing these "life hacks" the world is becoming better place.

Who knows...

I am perhaps part of that Home Sapiens 2.0

Sure I have created a short video for you!

Here I am sharing my "wisdom" for you all to drink from it and become wiser, "better version of yourself", happier...

Alas, I have no wisdom to share.

I do however have a good ability to listen and a genuine interest in the people that choose to share their time with me.

Professionally, I have no answers to offer but I do have plenty of questions to ask.

In my formative years I studied chemistry.

I know we are completely different from one another, our molecules, our atoms react differently to different environments and stimuli.

We are wonderfully unique.

Each and everyone of us.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

"Be yourself mistakes and all.

Leave your baggage out in the hall.

Let common sense and love break your fall"

Jerry Fish

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