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The Flow State: when you're in it, there is no better feeling

This week I met with the director of programming and with the owner of the Whale Theatre to plan the next series of live podcasts.

Wait? I have just re-read the sentence and I had to pinch myself.

I am actually talking about myself here.

Live shows in the Whale Theatre!!

At the beginning of this year a put together three live shows - Jan, Feb & March - with 4 guests each, music and short movies thrown in for good measure.

All three shows sold out and there was a waiting list for a couple of them.

The 3rd one has been postponed to November, due to Covid19.

But as well as telling you all this as a pure self promotion tool, I want to share my experience of the FLOW STATE.

I had heard about this idea from the Positive Psychology field, but never really paid too much attention to it.

Now having study an introduction to Positive Psychology as part of my courses in coaching, I figured out that I have experienced the Flow State a few times and most recently. when the photo in this blog post was taken.

I had never done a live show before. Not one where I was completely in charge of the content, the running order, the timing and basically everything else.

When I was asked if I'd be interested in doing it, based on the popularity of my Social Fabric Podcast, I didn't hesitate.

"Absolutely", was my response.

Only after putting the phone down and really starting to think about it emotions were set wild within my body and my mind.

I spent weeks researching and preparing for the first show.

The last 10 days or so I spent talking to myself in the car - a bit like Jimmy Rabbitte in The Commitments when he interviews himself in the bath!!!

And then the night came.

I was in the theatre with Greg checking sounds and lights, making sure that the screen would work, that the chairs were in the right place.

I was standing on the stage looking out at the empty seats.

As the theatre started to fill in I went to the green room with my guests for the final prep.

And then I was on stage again.

This time the seat were all taken, a round of applause followed the announcement of my name.

I started my well rehearsed monologue and the next thing was another round of applause, the lights came on and it was all over.

Whilst I remember everything about the shows, I now know that I entered the Flow State and I loved every second of it.

Looking forward to the next series of events that I am currently working on to put on stage.

Find the triggers that let you get in the Flow State, learn to recognise them and enjoy the ride...

You can view the previous show on the Social Fabric YOUTUBE channel


Is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

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and his

Flow State Model

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