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Tell me and I forget...

Love of Learning came up as my first character strength. I took a survey called the website

It's interesting to see what comes out of an online questionnaire that throws out some pretty accurate results bases on algorithms and artificial intelligence.

However accurate I have been thinking about how this "strength" impacts my life.

On a positive side, it provides this constant thirst for knowledge that drives me on some great adventures. Exploring new horizons, whether from a personal and a professional point of view..

I love the journeys that i find myself on, journeys of discovery, journeys at the edge of comfort, journeys through the wide sea of confidence...

And I learned that Confidence is not to be confused with Competence and whilst i am enjoying trying out as many things as my thirst for learning requires me to, I do know where my limits are and when to draw the line and "put the book down".

But I also love to share anything that I learn and that I feel could be of benefit to someone else.

The moment the learning is shared it takes on a new life, a new shape and makes the hours of studying/reading/trying... very worthwhile.

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’

Benjamin Franklin

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