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photo by Niall Meehan/Sea Studio

As far as I can recall, if I hear of someone searching for something or thinking at something, my brain goes into "connector mode".

Only a couple of weeks ago I speaking to a wonderful Irish musician/artist and he mentioned to me his plans for the near and not so near future.

He gave me a brief idea of what he would require to make this plan work and told me that he may run it by my once it is more fleshed out.

I put down the phone - are we still doing that? No, I put the phone in my pocket and immediately my thoughts moved into the Rolodex (see picture if you have never seen/used one) part of my brain.

"He could do with speaking with XXXXX, it would work for both of them, maybe I should get both of them on to XXXXX, that would make a great team."

I texted him back a week or so later to say that I had a number of names in my head of people that he may be able to collaborate with for his project.

I should add that all of this has not been asked of me and/or is for commercial reason.

It just happens..

We were our hillwalking last weekend and a very good friend of mine that I had not seen properly for a while was talking to a me about a number of serious issues and also an idea that she had just came up with.

"I'll put you in touch with P. She is great, she organises small arts and crafts markets and she is an illustrator too. You'd get on like the proverbial house on fire."

We carried on our long walk and we were nearing the cars to say goodbye she said:

"I know you'd hate this, but you would be brilliant as a matchmaker."

So, when I saw this wonderful picture that Niall Mehan took of me during a morning swim, it reminded me of how he and Fiachna O Braonain came together for my first live podcast to create a beautiful video that has now become a song part of his EP...

Niall too used the matchmaker moniker for me...

Food for thought.

Synapse - In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron or to the target effector cell. "Wikipedia"

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