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Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Self Portrait - Pen and Watercolour on Canvas

I was thinking of how to advertise myself in this social media world.

And I'm looking around and trying to figure it out, but I can't seem to find something that it really is me.

Let me explain.

I know who I am.

The people that know me know who I am.

My clients know who I am.

But if I'm trying to make myself be who I am online it doesn't seem to work.

It doesn't seem to be me.

So, I'm looking around, trying to figure out what other people are doing and really none of it appeals to me.

So who am I?

I'm just me and I do what I do.

Because I enjoy doing it.

And sometimes I'm looking and thinking,:

Perhaps I should start to put some videos of myself online.

Perhaps I should talk to the camera a little bit more.

Perhaps I should talk about myself in third person.

Perhaps I should use more motivational quotes.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

But I don't know.

So for the time being, I just create these very small and meaningful, perhaps meaningless little posts on my website.

I will carry on adding some little stories that are meaningful to me and that helped me get my message across or perhaps not!

I do appreciate my clients, my customers, my friends, giving me feedback, giving me testimonials.

But I don't always like to share them.

I don't always want to boast about things.

However. I do understand and I do believe in the power of advertising, of marketing of social media.

So until I figure out how I'm going to promote myself on social media.

I will carry on creating this small little blogs.

A million times I've asked you

And then I ask you over

Again, you only answer

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Songwriters: Joe Davis / Osvaldo Farres

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