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Episode 95 – Niamh Barrett – Showing Up/Mindfulness

Niamh is a mindfulness and meditation facilitator.

Her practice showing upoffers frameworks for meaningful engagement with some of the most difficult issues facing our society today, supported by mindfulness practice.

Her work within her community and outside of it as “bearing witness” and help the more vulnerable in our society by being present in solidarity.

“Showing up together helps us to stay grounded and aligned with our intention”

You can find out more about Niamh on Instagram, Facebook or on her Website.


Niamh’s music choices

Stevie Wonder – Living for the city

Thin Lizzy – Still in love with you

Kate Bush – Wow

Peggy Seeger – Everything changes

Kamasi Washington – Fists of Fury

Prince – Alphabet Street

Joni Mitchell – Refuge of the Roads


All music is available on Spotify in the Social Fabric Playlist


Title Music Alice by Lucky Bones


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