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Episode 78 – Rebecca Welch

Rebecca lives in New York five years ago was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

She has been chronicling her battle with the disease on social media and that helped her coping with the it as well as finding new friends and supporters.

Rebecca is very positive in her approach to fighting cancer and candid account of her journey is inspiring and hopefully of help to someone out there.

She is passionate about music, travel, art, people, life.

You can find out more about Rebecca on Instagram


Rebecca Music Choice

Keren Ann – I’m not going anywhere

Howe Gelb – Jane by any other name

Buck 65 – Drawing curtains

Spain – Every time I try

Paul Collins – Different kind of girl

John Grant – GMF-LIVE from BBC

Benjamin Booker – Witness


All music is available on Spotify in the Social Fabric Playlist


Title Music Alice by Lucky Bones 

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