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Episode 64 – Mark Lambert – Actor

Photo From The Ferryman Play Website

Mark Lambert grew up in Dublin and studied in Belfast, Manchester and Bristol.

His passion for rugby was soon matched by his love for drama.

With over 40 years career under his belt, Mark has played theatres across the world, from The Abbey in Dublin, to the West End and most recently Broadway, where he toured with the play The Ferryman.

Mark has also been in a number of movies and tv series as well as the Irish Soap, FairCity.

He is passionate about his work and believe drama as an art form can be very helpful if taught and made available in institutions such as prisons.

You can find out more about Mark through

Mark’s Music Choice

Percy French – Phil the fluter’s ball (Ronnie Drew version)

The Beatles – Blackbird

Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia

John Martin – May you never

The Chieftains – O’Neill’s Cavalry March

Mozart – Piano Concerto 21

Leonard Bernstein – America (West Side Story)


All music is available on Spotify in the Social Fabric Playlist

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