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Episode 60 – Orla McLaughlin – Nutritionist

Orla grew up in a farming community in the North West of Ireland, County Donegal.

After studying Commerce and Business in NUI Galway, she realised that her passion was in helping others to achieve their goals through diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

She set up her business in 2016, Health By Orla, specialised in digestive health. She quickly became fascinated with the effects of a compromised digestive system on your mental health, in relation to depression, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

You can find out more about Orla on on Instagram and Twitter.


Orla Music Choices

Annie Lennox – Why

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

Robyn – Dancing on my own

Newton Faulkner – I need something

Leo Sayer – Thunder in my heart

Snow Patrol – Just say yes

Josh Ritter – Kathleen


All music is available on Spotify in the Social Fabric Playlist

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