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Episode 24 – Stephen Flynn – Social Entrepreneur/The Happy Pear

Stephen Flynn is one half of the The Happy Pear.

He and his identical twin David created a movement for social change that centered around well being – plant based diet, happy heart courses, exercise and sea swimming at sun rise. In this conversation Stephen tells us of the challenges of fatherhood, travelling, schooling and how things are changing for the millennial’s generation.

He has also co-authored three best selling cook books as well as appearing on a variety of Irish and international TV and Radio shows.

For more about Stephen and The Happy Pear click here

You will find them on social media on:

Twitter @ThehappyPear

Instagram @TheHappyPear


Stephen’s Music Choice:

Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas –  Vivaldi – Spring – Four seasons  Manic Street Preachers – The ever lasting Pearl Jam – Jeremy Tori Amos – Winter Manu Chao – Clandestino Kodaline – High hopes


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