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Episode 19 – David Flynn – Social Entrepreneur/The Happy Pear

David Flynn is half of the the Happy Pear twins. Their story has been very well documented by radio and television stations, numerous newspapers and magazines articles and a variety of Podcasts from Rich Roll to Russell Brand, as well as part of their bestselling cookbooks.

David is a thoughtful man, father of two and on a mission for social change.

The success of the Happy Pear has allowed them to spread their message further afield than Greystones, Ireland, but has not changed David’s view on what matters and more importantly, who matters..

He speak candidly about fatherhood, love, relationships, social media as well as the approach to plant based nutrition and the importance of community based projects..

For more on David and The Happy Pear

@thehappypear on Twitter and Instagram

Happy Pear Youtube Channel


David’s Music Choices:

The Greatest Showman – This is me

Crowded House – Weather with you

Yann Tiersen – Je suis Jamis Alle (from Amelie)

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

Aereosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing

James Bay – Need the sun to break


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