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Do a job that you love and...

Self Portrait - Andrea Splendori

That well know quote that tells us that if we follow our passion we'll find the job that we'll love so much and that it would never feel like work ever again.

My feeling, is that whoever came up with this wonderful quote either:

a) never worked a day in his/her life

b) the quote has somewhat being misunderstood or perhaps misinterpreted

I have been working for the past 40 years - yes I am including my summer jobs as teenager - and having worked in different industries, different roles and different countries, I have reflected on this quote over the past few days.

I really enjoy my current jobs - no, it is not a typo, I have a few different jobs - and do wake up each morning with renewed thrill of what may be unfolding.

Being self employed - and I have been for over two decades now - provides me with that constant excitement, and at times dread, of the possibility that something - a contract, a deal, a gig - may not be there, because something or someone changes and I may find myself having to start again to create opportunities and generate revenue.

I am sure this resonates with anyone in the self employment world, but to go back to doing the job you love....

There are days where the last thing I want to do is going to work. There are days when the proverbial fan is hit by something more solid that air and those days do include hours when I'd rather do anything else than deal with the hassle that the job has brought on to my table.

While I do believe in the importance of being passionate about our jobs, I also believe that we can create some unrealistic expectations of ourselves and what our days may look like.

Never work another day in your life is:

a) Utopian

b) Dreadful (what would I do all day every day??)

I will continue to do my jobs with enthusiasms and professionalism that they require, continue working with the wonderful people that I am working with and give them the best service that the deserve, but I won't be fooled in believing that it will not feel like work some of the time..

"I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm, no more

No, I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm, no more

Well, I wake up in the morning, fold my hands, and pray for rain

I got a head full of ideas, that are drivin' me insane"

Bob Dylan

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