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Boys don't cry...

These are the people that know more about me than anyone else in the world.

These are the friends that never ask "Why?" but simply "When and How?"

These are the brothers that I don't need to talk to everyday to know that they are there for me.

So close to one another that we have almost morphed into one - at least physically.

These are the parts of my ecosystem that will never leave me, no matter how far I found my self.

This is us.

This is love.

Today marks one year since one of us suddenly left.

Today we mark his parting, too soon to comprehend, with a song and a drink, they way he would have like it.

Today we remember the President, Riccardo.

R.I.P. my brother.

I tried to laugh about it

Cover it all up with lies

I tried to laugh about it

Hiding the tears in my eyes

'Cause boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

The Cure

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