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Are we there yet?

When I first scripted this live show, it was due to go out in March 2020.

I had planned to discuss the benefits, or not, of endurance sports on the body and mind. We were about to go off on our Mindfulwest Rrun 2020.

April was the month we were due to take off...

To cut a very long story short, the run happened in September 2020 and the Live Podcast, after two postponed dates, never happened.

Until now!

I am finally back on stage and whilst the topic is still going to be around mental health, long distance running, extreme swims and whether is really beneficial to us, I am adding another layer to the "Are we there yet?" tagline.

Music, arts, artists, entertainment.

How has Covid impacted people's livelihood, creativity, wellbeing.

I'll be joined on stage by musician/singer songwriter Vyvienne Long, podcaster/mental health campaigner/musician Niall Breslin and arctic swimmer/long distance swimmer/mental health advocate Ger Kennedy for an evening of conversation, storytelling, personal journeys and some live music.

The Whale Theatre in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, is a fantastic venue and I am grateful that they have asked me back.

I love the energy of a live event. The interaction with the audience is something that unfortunately is missing when you are speaking into a microphone and your voice and your guest's voice are released into the "unknown" world of Apple and Spotify downloads...

Looking forward to see some of you there.

More shows will be announced soon.

So Celebrate...

Tickets available on

"See that's the trouble with reality

It's taken far too seriously

I do hope God is good to me

And Santa Claus to the children

Celebrate (celebrate)

This party's over

I'm going home"

An Emotional Fish

Songwriters: David Frew / Martin Murphy / Gerard Whelan / Enda Wyatt

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