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A Thank You Note... and Happy Birthday

Over 3 years ago I answered an advertisement - was it a newspaper or online? - for a Radio Training programme run by Near FM in Coolock, Dublin.

I filled in the application and went along to the studios for what was to become the start of my journey into broadcasting.

The training was fantastic, the content was excellent, the tutors passionate professionals and we got to use use the equipment in the studios!!

Since May 2018 I have had my Social Fabric show every Monday 4.30 pm on the station.

Since April 2020 I have had my music show - In the Neighbourhood - every second Friday at 3.30 pm.

Near FM are a multi award winning station and are doing a wonderful job for their community. Many community radio stations are doing the same around the country.

Check them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you Near FM for having me as part of their broadcasting community.

Happy 25th Birthday.

"Near FM is the community radio broadcasting arm of the Near Media Co-op. It is a Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) licensed, communally owned, not-for-profit radio station. It is operated by a democratic co-operative, open to all organisations and individuals living or working in Dublin North-East.

Near FM broadcasts 24 hours a day over 365 days per year. The station is run by a voluntary committee of management and programmes are produced and presented by a pool of over 150 trained volunteers supported by a core group of staff. Near FM operates an open access policy and aims to provide an alternative to mainstream media, a voice for those underrepresented or excluded, through training and access to distribution facilities across all media platforms. The ethos of Near FM is to educate, inform and entertain. Programming is a mix of talk based programming, educational programming, radio drama and specialist music encompassing all genres.

Since becoming a fully licensed community station in 1995, Near FM have produced over 150 commissioned radio series in a wide variety of formats and genres. These funders include Simon Cumbers, Communicating Europe, Leonardo (EU), Grundtvig (EU) and the BAI Sound & Vision scheme."

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