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A milestone: my first rejection from a publisher...

I have been writing two separate books in the past few months and decided to take the leap of faith and send one of them to a publisher - they had an open submission option over the past few weeks.

The process of writing the proposal was hard and required a lot of soul searching.

Who's going to want to read this stuff?

Not, really?

And why you?


What a wonderful word and what a wonderful space where so often we find ourselves in .

It is our own little world, who's going to tell us that we are wrong?

It wasn't until I was coached by a fellow Kingstown College student, that I managed to get over it, write the proposal, address it to the publisher and press the send button.

Through our coaching sessions I got over the "obstacles" that were in front of me and the moment I press send, I could feel the smile on my face and the weight off my shoulder.

More importantly, I knew the moment I sent it that if, or when, the rejection letter would arrive, I would be ready for it.

That was all through the coaching journey.

And thank you Anne Carter for the guidance.

And so yesterday it came.

A very nice and diplomatic letter telling me, thanks but not thanks.

So, onwards and upwards. ]

Refine the proposal.

Refine the book.

Find another publisher.

Press Send

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