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Life Quality Wheel

This tool is simple to use and yet it opens wonderful possibilities for discovery.

Simply think at your day/week and write down the amount of time, in hours or percentages, that you spend in each of the areas as per image below.

Once you have established the 100% and how it is spend, analyse it and make sure that you are happy with the distribution of the time and the activities.

Should you feel some of the areas need to be adjust (should be given more or less time to it) work accordingly to decide where that time will come from and what action are you going to take to make sure that the wheel is more balance to reflect your life needs and values.

Consists of work, health, spare time, family/ relationships and your personality (your attitudes and values)

  • How is your life quality right now? Do you have a balanced life?

  • Fill in the circle with slices of cake (the number of hours/ week you spend dealing with the different parts or how much of your time you estimate the parts take)

  • Evaluate each slice as to whether it is positive (+) or negative (-)

  • Can you influence each slice ?

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