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Episode 13 – Michael Emberley – Artist/Writer

Michael Emberley

Michael is an author and illustrator from Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA.

He has been illustrating since 1979 and he has created children’s books a memorable characters – like Missy below , nice Jackson,  Priscilla Gorilla  and many more- ever since.

He has been living in Ireland for the past 10 years where he continues to draw daily if he is not cycling the Wicklow or Dublin mountains.

He has fascinating views on school, art, illustrations and music.

The conversation run longer than most on this series, but I felt the topics covered and Michael unique way of answering a question – meandering between music, art, religion, maths! – is worth listening to in its entirety.

I have however split it in two parts.

For more information about Michael see

Michael’s music choices:

Bonnie Raitt – Angel from Montgomery

Billy Bragg – A Pict Song

Eddie Reader – Ae Fond Kiss/Live Edinburgh

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road /Solo Live

Elvis Costello – Hurry Down Doomsday

Holly Cole – I Want You

Herb Alpert – A Taste of Honey


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