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Episode 106 - Orla Ni hAonigh - Campaigner

I spoke to Orla in April 2020 over Zoom.

She spoke to me from the hospice in the a suburb of Dublin where she had been residing.

We weren't able to meet face to face due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

And to this day I don't know what Orla looks like.

She had been campaigning for the Dying with Dignity Bill to be passed and today, by pure coincidence, the Bill has been re-submitted to the Government for consideration.

It was Orla's wish to release the podcast after her passing.

Below is an extract from a number of email exchanges that we had.

"As I mentioned, it was good to listen back to. 

I feel the Social Fabric Podcast is a force for good in the world and am proud to have been a part of it.

And please share it after I've passed in a few more days time.

Orla "

Died 28th August 2020

May she Rest In Peace.

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