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From Couch to Eternity - A live podcast about running, with a few experts to share their wisdom, Whale Theatre, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  What

Social Fabric Live - November 2022

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Andrea Splendori

Whale Theatre, Greystones, Ireland - Live Podcast Series Photos Eoin O'Mahony


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What Clients Say

È bello vedere qualcuno che ha valorizzato i propri talenti... 
It's nice to see someone who has valued their talents...

Paolo Lorenzon - WillBit

Andrea Splendori Social Fabric Pear FRI1

Photo - Paul Byrne

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One Hour Holiday

& other non-prescriptive tools

to improve your ecosystem

Are you at a crossroad and wondering what road to take?

Are you seeking clarity and purpose in your life, be it personal or professional… both?

Or are you seeking for someone to partner with you and help you with your motivation, goal setting or simply accountability.


We have our ecosystem and we all have choices on how to look after it.

I will work with you to make sure that your ecosystem is the way you want it to be, giving you a balance and fulfilled life.

As balance coach, I work with clients helping them toward making the powerful choices and choosing the experiences that they deserve the most. I work with people that are searching that life balance that may have become a bit elusive in recent times.

I also work with executives in private and public organisations, people at career crossroads and newly appointed managers that are entering a new arena.


Get the most out of yourself.
more of what’s already within you.


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