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Stage fright? No, it's great to be back

On the 2nd of September I went back on stage in the Whale Theatre - Greystones, Co. Wicklow - with my Social Fabric Podcast Live

The theme of the night was "Are we there yet?" and covered long distance running, ice swimming, endurance sports, charity fundraisers, mental health as well as what it has been like as a musician surviving the past 18 months.

My guests were musician Vyvienne Long, long distance and arctic swimmer Ger Kennedy and podcaster/musician and athlete Niall Breslin.

With the restriction still in full swing, we had a reduced capacity, but that didn't affect the quality of the conversation and/or the quality of the music that was performed live on the night.

I am grateful for my guests generosity with their time and for all the patrons that came to see us.

We had a technical glitch hence the audio quality of the video recording is not coming from the PA, but directly from the video camera. However, it adds to the LIVE vibe !!!

I have two more shows planned before the end of the year, so as they say, watch this space.

In the meantime if you are curious to see what the Social Fabric Podcast live is all about, check out the recording on the website - Live Podcasts

'The Moment Of Truth Is Right At Hand,

Just One More Nightmare You Can Stand.

See The Man With The Stage Fright

Just Standin' Up There To Give It All His Might.

And He Got Caught In The Spotlight,

But When We Get To The End

He Wants To Start All Over Again, Hmm Hmm'

Stage Fright - The Band

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