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I renewed my gym membership and it's free - forever...

Some days it's' really hard to get out of bed and get motivated.

In these current times of pandemic and uncertainty, there are days when I feel "there is no end to this, when are going to go back to normal."

But then I take a step back and realise that a lot of it is out of my control, a lot of it I have accept but some of it I can influence.

So this morning I went to my gym to exercise and influence my mood, to give it the boost it needed and deserved.

I go there pretty much every day.

Some days I run. Some days I swim.

Some days I walk.

Others I just sit there and listen.

Today I renewed my membership with what I like to call "NatureGym".

It is free to join.

Memberships does not elapse, but it is best to keep checking in and renew it every now and then.

There is one around the corner from every house.

The membership allows you access to any of the other gyms around the world.

It's open 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

You can bring as many friends along as you like.

No dress code.

No machinery

No specific programme to follow

No aircon.

There are no lockers and no mirrors.

There are not always showers but sometimes there are a natural baths.

Natural essence and natural meditations sounds provided.

All of this provided free of charge.

I am delighted with my membership and I intend to keep it up.

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