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How good was your coffee this morning?

The more I practice my One Hour Holiday concept, the more I find the days getting more fulfilling and exciting.

Recently I said to someone: “I never have a bad day. I just have bad hours.”

He said to me: “I was about to stop you there, as I don’t believe anyone not to have a bad day, but then you qualified it for me. I like it.”

Sample Day.

24 hours

8 hours sleep – if you are a good sleeper

1.5 hours – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

8 hours - Working

2 hours – Commuting, Drinking coffee, talking to colleagues

30 minutes – exercise

2 – hours – TV, Recreation,

2 – whatever else may happen on that day….

You can watch a really bad movie and it feels like you will never get that two hours back.

You can have a bad session at the gym or a bad 5km.

You can have a poor lunch at one at a new restaurant.

You can get stuck in traffic or missed the train/bus.

You can miss a deadline or a meeting with a client.

You … sure anything can happen.


How good was that coffee this morning at home with your kids/your spouse/your pet?

How good was your sleep?

How good was the chat with your colleagues?

How good was the view from the window/the car/the office?

How good was ….

You get the gist.

Sometimes what's important is in front of us and we don't even notice.

So, I am off on my one hour holiday now.

I couldn’t go out running and swimming this morning. I didn’t have time to go for a coffee with my friends

I’ll make sure to take an hour holiday with my family to enjoy some cooking, some eating together and perhaps watch an episode or two of The Office US for a bit of a giggle.

Enjoy your holidays.

Andrea Splendori

Image by Frank Winkler

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