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Ah no! Not another post about running...

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

"Why aren't you coming for a run with us? It's good fun, it's great for the head."

My friends spent a lot of time convincing me that this running stuff was actually worth giving it a go.

I played football all my life and running was something you had to do as part of a warm-up or a way to get match fit. But it was never "good fun".

I caved in.

Peer pressure got the better of me and joined them for a trail run along the Wicklow coastline.

It was painful. It was hard. It was anything but fun.

Or at least the run wasn't.

The banter, the conversation, the togetherness... now, that was brilliant.

Years later, I don't know maybe seven or eight, and running is what I do on a very regular basis.

Mostly on trails and beaches, with friends, early in the morning.

We entered races and run marathons, we explored Spanish mountain ranges while doing 80Km ultramarathons, we enjoyed the Irish wilderness while on an adventure races.

But the most important part of it all is the WE.

We spent time together.

We talk.

We share.

We listen.

As I am getting older I am getting slower.

My running is going to become a fast walk at some point

But what's the rush?

A lot of the times we use our running to clean up our local beaches.

Picking up a few bits of litter each adds a new dimension to the exercise.

And yes, my friends were absolutely right.

It's great for the head.

Enjoy your surroundings.

Enjoy your weekend.

ONE HOUR HOLIDAY - and other non-prescriptive tools to improve your ecosystem - andrea splendori

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